High Point Furniture Market

If you haven't heard of High Point Furniture Market, it's the meeting place for furniture designers and showroom curators from all over the world who are congregating to see, in person, the collections from their favorite furniture manufactures, for the upcoming season.

High point is lovingly referred to as the Home Furnishings Capital of the World and is the place to be during market if you're doing anything furniture or home goods-related.

HPMKT attendees get to see the best of the best in furniture design and home decor, get to meet designers and manufacturers, and also have the opportunity to attend design and marketing-related seminars like mine to help make connections and build their businesses. I'm so grateful to be representing S+B as well as helping designers get a little closer to their business goals while upping their social media game at the Southern Furniture Co. showroom, and hope to see you there!

The Smart + Becker Knoxville gallery will be closed from April 12 - April 17 to accommodate this out-of-town eventPlease text or email Ryan-Ashley to set up an appointment that M - W, April 9 - 11, if you'd like to come by before the doors close up for the event!

828.707.8532 | info@smartandbeckercreative.com