Studio Talk #13: All the Things

So, I thought I'd do something a little different for this week's Studio Talk and just literally list all the things I've done up to this point and things I still need to do to get the brick-and-mortar ready. 

It's so easy to let things slip through the cracks when starting a business, and there are LOTS of steps. 

So many things. 

This monkey really says it best.


But seriously, maybe this will help you chip away at some business-related goal task lists of your own! If not by giving you some specific actionable steps, then just by providing a little inspiration.

  • Found a space and signed a lease
  • Consulted with lawyer to determine whether I move forward as DBA or create an LLC
  • Filed paperwork with LLC through Legalzoom so I didn't have to traipse around town from county building to country building
  • Sent paperwork to the bank to establish biz bank account, again with the help of Legalzoom who sent my paperwork through when complete so I didn't even have to be the middle-man
  • (No, I'm not working for LegalZoom!)
  • Found and hired a brand strategist -- A Name Brand Co. -- to create my logo and a few assets to get me started once the biz opens, i.e., biz cards, postcards, etc.
  • Developed a social calendar to count down + update social audience with designer and workshop updates
  • Have had SEVERAL meetings with designers, DIY instructors, and potential consignees to place orders, plan workshops, and begin collaborations for OOAK S+B-exclusive collections
  • Met with Derek at Bird on the Wire a few times to finalize merchandising designs and am soon to begin going in the shop to assist with production
  • Met with Striped Light to plan press and training time so I can get all the assets I need printed in time
  • Met with Paris Woodhull to finalize plans for a East Knoxville map mural in the space
  • Scoured the web for additional furniture pieces, like dining tables for the workshop space
  • Continue building up inventory of my own work
  • Continue updating the website with workshops, additional products, and working to represent the transition to brick-and-mortar
  • Still need to scour local thrifts and re-stores for random side tables and fixtures
  • Wrote and sent out press releases
  • Researched and created a consignment contract 
  • Consulted with a tax attorney
  • Hired an accountant whose programs would allow me to easily sync between biz bank account and merchant processor (i.e., square, clover, etc.)
  • Set up and ordered the Clover merchant processor
  • Researching Shopify / Squarespace plug-ins to streamline merchant processing across all systems
  • Still need to get 2017 taxes out of the way 
  • Need to get vinyl window clings printed with logo / hours of operation
  • Need to get a sandwich board
  • Need to buy a mini fridge!
  • Got a business insurance quote but need to purchase plan
  • Need to set up security system installation
  • Need to get WIFI set up
  • Have made and will continue to make lots of lists
  • Started using my gcal in a real way, like, I don't make decisions without it now ­čś│
  • And I'm sure there's more, but... lawd...

In other words, I've never worked harder in my life. My days have been starting around 8 / 8:30 am and usually end around midnight. And then I wake up at 2a to work some more, because, ya know, too excited to sleep. 

So if you see me wandering the streets with my mouth hanging open, just give me some more coffee and I'll be ok :)