Making Makes My Heart Full

I'm at my best when I get to spend time making, and in preparation for Friday's show at Dogwood Arts and Sunday's Fiber-wrapped Necklace Workshop  at RALA, that's pretty much all I did last week.

So I'm feeling pretty good. 

There was a great turnout at the show, and I was super thankful to have my work alongside that of one of my dearest Knoxville friends, Alaina Smith of Shop Cold Gold, who has played an integral part in getting me 'in' to the community of Makers here. 

And then just two days later was my workshop series debut at RALA. The house was packed with new friends, colleagues, and soon-to-be friends, and it was so fun showing others how to work with some of my favorite materials -- fiber and salvaged leather. 

Nanci was an incredible host, and my friend Mark Lilly was generous enough to document the event for us. His photos really captured the mood of the space and the energy of the group.

Stay tuned for details on upcoming RALA workshops! The next one will be on the second Sunday in September!