Studio Talk #11: Brick + Mortar


I'm back. Tour is over. And after my initial post-tour five hour deep sleep daytime nap, I've hardly been able to sleep for more than a couple hours at a time. Who knew I'd miss the rocking and humming of the bus and the snoring and sleep-talking of my bunkmates so much?

Lucky for me, there is A LOT to consume my waking hours so less sleep just means getting more done. 

For example, today I met with Derek White of Bird on the Wire Studios to go look at S+B's NEW BRICK AND MORTAR SPACE! 


I know. I wake up every day in total disbelief. 

I've been dreaming about opening my own space filled with artists coming and going, people from all different parts of the community showing to learn new skills together, conversation-starting art shows by artists and makers of all different mediums, and gatherings that test the boundaries of our comfort levels as artists, neighbors, and friends.

And now it's happening.

I thought I'd be doing it completely on my own, but I've been incredibly fortunate to have built relationships with people here who are just as invested in me creating this thing as I am. 

For example, one of the people I was touring with -- Dani Walsh -- offered to do a 6 week internship with me to help me implement digital organizational systems, streamline artist communications, and to help me the week of the soft opening. 

Doesn't she just look great? I mean, urban baths sound pretty cool and I can testify to just how much fun the Harley Davidson Museum was. I know y'all are just gonna fall in love with her. 

I'm realizing that the MOST important thing I can do right now in order to make sure that everything is ready to go in FIVE SHORT WEEKS is to make lists and really commit to getting through them. Because there are literally a hundred different things I could be focusing right now -- all equally important -- but some things should DEFINITELY be higher on the timeline than others. 

I talked about all this and SO MUCH MORE with Grant Sheffield on his podcast Who's to Say.  We discuss tour life, plans for the physical manifestation of Smart and Becker, and even discuss how to fix household appliances with healing energy. Fun, right?

Oh yeah, the soft opening is Feb. 2, so mark your calendars!