Studio Talk #4: Scaling


One of the biggest struggles I've faced as a maker is figuring out how to transition from being in a constant state of catch-up, to a place of calm preparedness. And I've realized that the only way to reach that place of preparedness is to create a defined collection of available work, to have it stocked, and to have it ready to ship at a moment's notice.


And sometimes that means I spend less time making and more time planning. Or, I should say, more time spent making the right things.

Sure, I LOVE creating one-of-a-kind pieces, and I believe my work would lack soul and I would get bored if I only spent my time creating easily reproducible,  ready-to-ship items, but having a defined collection definitely makes pitching to new shops and galleries way easier.

And you never know when you might get approached with a huge order. Although that's what we're all waiting for, it's also really scary to think of that happening because...what if I'm not ready?

This quote by Louis Pasteur -- Chance favors the prepared mind -- is a great reminder that preparation is everything. It's so easy to get into the studio and just start making what I'm in the mood to make, but it's not exactly the best business strategy.

And personally, I want to be ready for the big order. So, lately I haven been making and designing with 'collections' in mind rather than working just piece by piece and it's actually been really gratifying, just in a different kind of way. There's something so satisfying about setting out to complete a task based on a goal that I've put in place to grow my business, and then actually getting it done.

What I'm doing RIGHT NOW to scale is ordering lots of shipping supplies, making easy-to-wholesale collection-based pieces, and getting ready to change the website... a lot. So stay tuned.