Studio Talk #3: 1 Workshop + 1 Craft Show + 1 Secret


So much is happening right now that I hardly even know where to start. It's amazing what having a fulfilling job can do for your energy outside of work. Being in this new copywriter position has really propelled my creativity and I find myself more energized than ever for the future.

There's a lot happening between now and the new year, and this may not even be all of it, but these are the things I know of for sure (and can talk about):

I'm super excited about The Big Crafty this year because I'm going to have a whole new display, designed by Cameron Kite, a super talented Knoxville woodworker, along with lots of new work to show!

I may also be fitting in a pop-up shop and one more show at some point this December but I'm not quite sure of those yet, so stay tuned.

"So, what's the secret?" you may be asking? Well, I can't even tell you how badly I want to tell you. I'm bursting at the seems BUT I can't spill the beans for another couple weeks. In the meantime, all I can tell you is that I'm in Nashville for the entire week because of it. 

What can I tell you? I took lots of photos of a mundane downtown walk yesterday. Turns out, Nashville isn't that different from everywhere else. If you can believe it, Nashville ALSO has fake urban gardens, parking garages, nostalgic old hair salons, sidewalks, cranes, interesting architecture, illegal skate parks, war surplus stores, angsty tags, good food, and awesome views.

Oh yeah, and there's fried chicken EVERYWHERE. My new favorite place -- Americano --is right around the corner of my hotel and I've spent far too much time there already :)

I ate this Korean fried chicken last night and it was amazing. Like, I-used-up-two-whole-cloth-napkins amazing.


Keeping busy like this makes it hard to find time to actually make but I gotta tell ya, sometimes being restricted is AMAZING for the creative process.