Studio Talk #2: The best laid plans.


As a maker who also works full time, planning is essential to getting anything done but sometimes, despite my best efforts, I fall short. 

When you're the person making all the decisions, handling the money, directing the marketing, pretending to be a graphic designer, planning for the future, managing timelines, AND also the person responsible for innovating new designs and then producing those designs, well, you're using a lot of different parts of the brain and, frankly, it's exhausting.

Don't get me wrong -- working this way is amazing because you get a real immediate sense of what's working and what's not and what's selling and what's not. And that's something you don't get if you're shopping work out and waiting for somebody else to give you reports, but I'm not going to kid myself and say it's not...a lot.

As solo biz owners and makers, we wear a lot of hats and we also put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Perhaps even more than a boss or partner would. I know for that for myself, what's most difficult about dropping the ball (even just a little bit) is knowing that, because I work full time, progress with my craft is already such a slow chipping-away process and when I fall short, it feels like the headway I've struggled for just slips away.


Yeah, I might be a little dramatic. But the struggle is real. I got one life to live and only get to spend maybe 20% of my time my craft. So when I fall behind, the results are pretty impactful.

Here's an example.

Last night I had this big plan to countdown to a midnight announcement about the Feminist Embroidery Workshop I'm teaching with Paris Woodhull in November, and even made a case for why Midnight was the perfect time to publish the announcement, and thennnnnnn I got tired. No biggie. I set an alarm for midnight and went to bed.


I shot up at 5a in a total panic because, you guessed it, I definitely didn't wake up at midnight to publish the announcement.


But also, not biggie. Like, it's ok. It's not like we don't have a whole month to get the word out.

I have to remind myself every day that the world is hard enough and I don't need to make it any harder by beating myself up. Because sometimes you just need to snooze.

And das ok.

So hit that snooze button when you need to and don't give it a second thought, cuz sleep is good and nothing does more for your creativity than good rest.