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I have been preparing for this for almost all of 2016. Experimenting with different materials, designing new pieces, testing new ideas at shows, and tracking what people respond to in boutiques. 

I've been practicing what I know, learning new skills, and working hard to hone in on an aesthetic I love while creating with my core design values in mind - sustainability, wearability, functionality, and minimalism. 




The Henry

The Henry

The Jolene

The Jolene

The Framekeeper came to be out of sheer necessity. I constantly switch between my opticals and sunglasses and can't stand dealing with cases. So, since I can't stand cases, I end up putting the extra pair in a purse pocket, hooking it to the collar of a shirt that ends up getting warped or stretched, or leaving them on my desk at work/a restaurant table/in my car.

I wanted another option. I wanted to create something contemporary, minimalist, sophisticated, wearable and...easy...and created with sustainability in mind. This design went through so many iterations that I almost called it quits before I got to the designs you see above. The Henry is a no-frills, wearable design and The Jolene, with a hand-sewn Peyote-Stitch band, is just as wearable and still embodies sophisticated minimalism, but features additional craftsmanship and offers a little extra flair. 

Both designs are made fully adjustable, with a Peyote-Stitch clasp, and all leather cord used is hand-cut from salvaged leather.


I love asymmetry because it's an exercise in balance. It's far from random and requires thought and attention at every turn, because everything used has weight -- literally and figuratively. The 100% silk cord is light and delicate-looking, but more durable than you can imagine. Where thin, feminine chain breaks, the silk cord withstands. Each piece is fully adjustable, features a hand-sewn Peyote Stitch clasp, and features both stationary, anchored pieces, and free-moving mobile pieces.



Like Anchor, The Drop is fully adjustable, made with durable silk cord, and features a hand-sewn Peyote Stitch clasp. This is a vertical pieces, and was inspired by the 'lariet.' 


RA JPEG 25.jpg

Drift shares all features with Anchor, except that all pieces are free to drift along the silk cord without any stationary pieces. You can wear this piece with the clasp in the back, or emulate the Drop design by shifting the clasp to the front and allowing the objects to fall to the front as well. 


Inspired by the decorative ties my great-grandfather used to wear, this Bolo is made with the same hand-cut, salvaged leather cord, as the Framekeeper. Four strands of the cord are braided into a smooth round cord, and the ends are crafted into miniature tassels, held in place by hand-sewn Peyote Stitch bands. The brass tube is mobile, allowing you to treat this like a true Bolo

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