Photoshoot Inspiration

The fall/winter shoot is tomorrow, and I'm so excited to be working with these two beautiful people to capture the essence of Smart & Becker jewelry. 

Desiree Fonda, all-around beauty, savvy fashionista, and curator of beautiful vintage wearables will be collaborating with me for the styling, and acting as primary model.

Evan Brennan, fashionable fellow, Greensboro area photographer, and all-around gentleman will be the one documenting it all. 

Shawn Brackbill, Brooklyn photographer, is one of my inspirations for this shoot. His work -- gestural, candid, and deeply emotional -- feels like an earnest depiction of life, moment to moment. 

Evan and Desiree are both optical pros at C Distinctive Eyewear in Winston-Salem, so if you want to visit people you can truly trust to help your eyeballs AND give your style an edge with handcrafted frames, that whole team is dynamite. 

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