what's your passion?

Our mission at S+B is to provide a space where anybody can find a platform for sharing whatever it is they love, with the community at large.

Maybe you're really great at making your own household cleaning projects and want to share your eco-friendly, sustainable passion with your Knoxville community.

Or maybe you're a really killer stylist and want to host one-on-one's with prospective clients or give how-to clinics to intimate groups.

Or MAYBE you're interested in developing a workshop / collection / series, but don't know where to start and want some mentorship.

Whatever it is, we'll try to make it happen. And if WE can't make it happen, we'll try to connect you with someone who can.

Just fill out this form and we'll get with you ASAP to start working on your big (or small) idea!*

*If you're just interested in connecting, please get in touch using our general contact form. If you choose to fill out the below form, please treat it like you would an application for a craft fair or exhibition, and do not submit until it is filled out in its entirety.

If you are having trouble filling it out because you  don't have an artist bio. or haven't developed a show, we help people with that via our consultation services -- just contact us here to learn more about how to get started on that! 


Name *
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Introduce yourself, what you do, and what you'd like to do at S+B!
Go deep. Why do you do what you do?
Applications will only be considered if the following are provided: - Description of the particular body of work you are applying to show, or of the workshop you plan to teach, including process and materials - Headshot, process photo, studio photo, three photos of your work which represent the work you're applying with, all emailed separately to info@smartandbeckercreative.com - A list of months you're available to show or dates you're available to teach - Artist statement and bio > If applying for an art exhibition, describe the body of work -- style, inspiration, medium > If applying to rent the space for client meetings -- what kind of work do you do and how does your work fit in with S+B? What are your meetings like, generally? > If you would like to make S+B a stockist, describe the body of work (leather goods, jewelry, clothing, etc.) that you would like to show at S+B, and provide product links. Must include info. about process and sourcing. > If applying to host an event, describe the event, provide info. about / links to past events, and tell me what you would need from S+B. > If applying to teach a workshop, imagine you are creating all the info. you would need to create a product and sell tickets on your website, and please provide: > a workshop description > a projected ticket price > supply cost / student > max # of students > list of included supplies > workshop format -- what information you will be teaching and the general outline > photos of the EXACT finished product you'll be teaching (sent in a separate email -- photo requirements are outlined below)
Photos must include: > At least one photo of yourself, which can be combined with the process photo > A process photo > A studio photo (this just means I'm looking for context -- give me supplies, something that looks like a workspace even if it's just a tight shot of a dining room table, etc.) For some, this could be a photo in an office or at a consultation. Just provide physical context for what you do. - Two photos of finished products that are REPRESENTATIVE of the work / idea you're submitting. If you're providing creative services, this may overlap with the 'studio' photo > If submitting a show for exhibit, a photo of the work hung, preferably from a past show Send photos to info@smartandbeckercreative.com with subject line formatted as follows: FIRST NAME_LAST NAME_"SUBMISSION"_CATEGORY_SPECIFIC OR provide links below to specific photos I can see online (individual Instagram posts, individual blog posts or online products, etc.) If sending separately by email, include your subject line and brief photo description below.
> If applying for a First Friday exhibition, which months are you available (from Nov. 2017 beyond) > If applying to make S+B a stockist, how soon could you provide an order? > If applying to rent the space for meetings, how often, what times, and which days, would you be interested in doing so, and when would you like to begin? > If applying to host an event or workshop, which dates and times would be options for you? MUST be at least 6 weeks away from the date you submit your proposal to ensure proper marketing coverage

I know how it feels -- you're excited about submitting but you don't totally have all the information at-hand, so you decide to submit anyway thinking, "Oh, I'll just get the rest of the info. to them later and everything will work out." I've totally been there. But it's simply not possible to review a submission without all the info. Here's why: EVERY time we have received a partial submission and then agreed to get the rest of the info. later, it has resulted in hours spent following up, info. getting lost in long (and multiple) email chains, and, ultimately, losing valuable marketing time because instead of marketing the event, we're still trying to get all the info. and photos together!

So while this submission form seems super laborious, every bit of it is necessary to properly market your event, creative services, art exhibition, or DIY workshop. We aren't hosting things for the sake of hosting them. We want you to be successful and we want to get people in the shop. We want to build a creative community that offers valuable creative opportunities that feel well-organized and give students / attendees / clients TONS of value. 

If you're going through this form and you realize that you're in over your head and need some help, that's what we do! You can totally hire us to help create a submission package for you that can be used for all your future submissions. Just contact us here to get started. 


Once all the above information is received, you will be sent a participation agreement specific to your submission. Once it's signed, we will begin making plans for and promoting your event!


In order to build a collaborative community, S+B has decided not to carry items by makers who have established wholesale / consignment relationships at stores / galleries within 3 miles of our brick-and-mortar. 

There is also a waiting period of 6 months between switching stockists, i.e., if you are showing within 3 miles of our space, and terminate the wholesale / consignment relationship you have with that stockist, you may apply to make S+B a stockist after 6 months have passed.

Artisans with existing wholesale / consignment relationships may still submit workshop, exhibition, and misc. project ideas and participate in the space in lots of different ways!


Thank you for understanding!