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DIY Hand-printed Back to School Tote

If you’re in school, you probably already have a backpack, but if you’re anything like us (or any other creative person we know), one bag is never enough. Be the coolest kid or college student in class by hand-printing your very own tote.


Not a student? Yeah, neither area we. But we are book lovers, note takers, sustainable shoppers, and handmade divas. We have plenty to carry in a tote and there’s nothing better than reducing waste while carrying cool stuff in a bag that’s thoughtfully created. 

Join us Sunday, 9.23, from 4-6p to learn from Print queen Riley Bronaugh.

Riley will teach you how to design your very own unique pattern using linoleum block (linocuts) – a skill that will allow you to create your own stamps and patterns for fabric and paper projects for, basically, as long as you live!

All supplies are included, and in class you can expect to…

  • Receive an intro. to printmaking, including an overview of the different kinds of printmaking

  • Learn which designs work best for lino-cut prints

  • Create your very own stamp

  • Learn about ink application and proper “stamping” techniques

  • Get proper info. around ‘setting’ the ink into the fabric

Printmaking is gritty, wonderful, frustrating, and therapeutic, and the reason Riley loves creating stamps is that she likes the idea that the stamp and whatever you print on can both be considered art. She gets attached to her stamps, and can go back to them any time she wants to print on a tea towel, napkin, or tote bag. Even with linocuts, Riley likes knowing that she can make multiple prints of something she spent so much time adding detail to.

Students will leave with their very own stamp, finished tote, and a whole new understanding of printmaking!