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DIY Hydrogen Atom Suncatchers

Making these sun catchers is going to make you so happy. Science has literally never been so fun and it's because al the work has been done for you. Caroline Bowen of Hypotenuse Studios created these sun catcher kits with a 3-D printer and designed the templates based on Hydrogen Atoms. All you have to do is color and fold!


The nitty gritty...

These 3D suncatchers depict some of the different shapes hydrogen atoms can take on, depending on how much energy they have. The more energy, the more complex the shape. They're really just weird, pulsating clouds of likelihood-you'll-find-the-electron-here-ness. (It's weird, because quantum mechanics is weird.) Using Sharpies, the shapes are colored onto Mylar disks using a tracing template, then the disks are folded and sewn together.

All materials included.