with Daje Morris


Multi-passionate creators are notorious for having trouble settling in on one idea. Whether you’re trying to decide how to connect the dots between philanthropic media and nail design, or even to simplify your branding message, we can help. Schedule a one-time or recurring skype session to help clarify your impactful, creative ideas using our process.

Our space together will be carefully curated to assist you in overcoming the painful distractions you face as a creator. First, we’ll identify the stories and self-limiting narratives that need to be understood. Then, we’ll engage the stories in a meditative, joy-filled, and strategic design process to build a plan that addresses your problem. Last, we’ll work to help you execute your strategy with bravery. We have services available for individuals and small groups.

You’ll leave our session with:

  • An expanded understanding of your incredible idea.

  • A design strategy + a list of resources to help you execute your narrative with bravery and precision.

  • Accountability: two 1 hour follow up sessions to keep you encouraged and on track.

Book your session HERE.