Lan Nguyen | Lann Designs


Born and raised in Southern California, Lan had always dreamt in color. With fields of golden poppies and coastal sunsets, her curiosity grew larger within the realms of how things were made and functioned. To Lan, designing a handbag is simlar to solving a meticulous puzzle that is expressed in an artistic way, and, similar to origami, a two dimensional material is created into a three dimensional art form. 

"Being a handbag designer is about blending the lines between design and art while finding balance with expression and function. It is about being as free and exploratory as possible with no boundaries."

Lan’s designs are at once luxurious and functional, boasting luxurious, buttery leathers, as well as streamlined functionality in the form of practical shapes, pockets, and adjustable straps. The quality stitchwork and hardware ensures you’ll be able to enjoy her pieces long into the future.

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