Deco: Periwinkle and Cream Ring

Deco: Periwinkle and Cream Ring


The soft tones of the periwinkle and cream beads provide a sweet and subtle addition to any ensemble. Make it shout by pairing it with a statement necklace or a strong nail color.

The Deco Ring was inspired by woven textiles and geometric deco design elements, elements of the mid-century modern movement, and a love for mixed media jewelry.

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  • Delica beads
  • Nylon beading cord
  • Size 6: 340 beads
  • Size 6.5: 350 beads
  • Size 7: 360 beads
  • Size 7.5: 370 beads
  • Size 8: 380 beads
  • Size 8.5: 390 beads
  • Size 9: 400 beads
  • Size 10: 410 beads


Because the bands are so wide, be sure to order a half size larger than you normally wear. 


There's no extra cost for custom sizing. Just purchase the ring in any size and then, when you're checking out, add your preferred size in the Notes section of the checkout form. Remember, always go up a half size with these rings since the bands are so wide.


Every bead is stitched together, one by one, by hand. As with any hand-crafted item, pieces will vary slightly from one to another. The beauty of handmade is knowing that, because handmade items aren't produced by machines, two will never be exactly alike. 

If you feel your piece has too much handmade character for your taste, please don't hesitate to return it in its original condition for a full refund.

Your handmade items will have a long life if you treat them nicely. Like a semi-precious stone pendant, you won't want these large beaded copper pieces falling on the floor or knocking about on hard surfaces. That said, things happen. Like anything you buy, there are no refunds on wear-and-tear damage, but if you end up damaging the beadwork on your piece and would like it repaired, I will be happy to repair it for $25/hr. with no additional materials cost. 

Additionally, this ring does include metallic beads. On rare occasion, a person's body chemistry, if too acidic, may affect the coloring of the metallic beads. Here's an article with information about that. I wear mine almost every day and have never had an issue, but if you purchase a ring only to find out later that you experience such a reaction, I will be happy to replace the ring without metallic beads for half the price, or exchange for a piece of equal or lesser value.

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