Mustard + Lilac Peyote Stitch Deco Stud Earrings

Mustard + Lilac Peyote Stitch Deco Stud Earrings


Salvaged leather, hand-stitched beadwork, surgical steel posts. 

These hand-stitched triangle studs are the perfect size to make a statement but not too large and flashy for a casual outfit. Like most S+B pieces, they easily dress up or down. 

The variegated bead pattern is inspired by yarns Ryan-Ashley used when she was deep in the knitting world. 

Because we try to design with sustainability in mind, the leather used to back the peyote-stitch beadwork triangle is hand-cut from salvaged leather.


  • .75" wide 
  • Salvaged leather
  • Surgical steel posts
  • Hand-stitched beadwork (peyote stitch) in mustard and matte purple
  • Butterfly back

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Every bead is stitched together, one by one, by hand. As with any hand-crafted item, pieces will vary slightly from one to another. The beauty of handmade is knowing that, because handmade items aren't produced by machines, two will never be exactly alike. 

If you feel your piece has too much handmade character for your taste, please don't hesitate to return it in its original condition for a full refund.

Your handmade items will have a long life if you treat them nicely. That said, things happen. Like anything you buy, there are no refunds on wear-and-tear damage, but if you end up damaging the beadwork on your piece and would like it repaired, I will be happy to repair it for $25/hr. with no additional materials cost. 

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