In Knots - Gray + Gray

In Knots - Gray + Gray


Inspired by the aesthetic and functionality of my great-grandfather's classic bolos, the pieces in my In Knots series, are lightweight, minimalist, and slightly masculine.

This piece looks great with the knot tied right at the neck while wearing a tightly-buttoned collared shirt, tied low with blousey boatnecks, and anywhere in between depending on the shape and placement of your neckline. 

The beauty of the silk cord is that while it looks delicate and has an air of sophistication, it's incredibly durable. Pull on it all you want. It will be fine. 


  • Approx 40" at its full length
  • Fully adjustable - knot can be tied at any place
  • 100% durable, silk cord
  • Seed beads
  • Clasp-free
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